eCommerce is becoming more and more prevalent and competitive in our modern world. The fight is on for the best product at the fastest speed with the highest quality and consistency – all at the cheapest price. Full visibility into package tracking for end consumers and reviews that the entire world can see affect your entire business reputation and it’s important to partner with someone who knows the ins and outs of the entire online retail business. Big Monkey is the premier partner offering high-touch specialty service with the goal of transparency throughout the entire process from receiving through to reverse logistics.

International Logistics

Shipping packages internationally can be a daunting task, from proper documentation of HS Code classifications to proper packaging to ensure safe arrival, it can almost deter companies from expanding their product into overseas markets for fear of poor delivery consistency. Big Monkey has decades of experience with shipping internationally across multiple marketplaces and classifications of products, and the regulations that vary between items. Take your business to the next level by allowing us to effectively ship your products overseas without the fear of long customs clearances or rejections.

Big Monkey works with multiple carriers and companies to offer a wide range of service and pricing, and can even offer overseas delivery around the world within 1-3 business days! We are able to achieve this by having packages cleared through customs before they even land in the destination country.

Third-Party Logistics

Outsourcing crucial parts of your supply chain management can be the best thing a growing company can do. Letting professionals take over the many links in the chain allows you to focus on growing your business. Finding a trusted, industry knowledgeable partner to be an extension of your core business is pertinent to successfully keeping current and winning new customers. This partner needs to understand every aspect of your product, what your clients desire, and work for you for the relationship to operate like a well-oiled machine.

At Big Monkey, we:

  • Evaluate your current operations
  • Find suitable solutions to allow for scalable growth
  • Strive to understand the particular needs you require and special idiosyncrasies want, from custom printed inserts, to special color void fill

We do not take lightly that we are the final touch of your product before your customer receives their much anticipated item, and take pride in making that experience exceed their expectations. It’s about the little details that impact customer experience, and that’s where Big Monkey 3PL exceeds.

Let Big Monkey be the trusted partner you can be proud of.


Rest easy knowing your valuable inventory is managed in a safe and secure warehouse environment centrally located in Salt Lake City, UT near all the major carrier hubs. We can service storage needs from long-term, temporary, cross-docking, etc. to fit your specific needs.